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Best Promise Rings: Seal your promise with a promise ring

Best Promise Rings: Seal your promise with a promise ring

Think of the moment when you ask for your partner’s hand for a great dance and instead put a bright, dainty and graceful diamond promise ring in their ring finger. What an astonishing, bright-eyed and gracious smile moment! That’s what promise rings do, they give a touch of new meaning to your bond, put two hearts together and bind them even closer with compassion. Acting as a mark of love, they signify your feelings to your dearest whenever they steal a glance of it.

Beyond the zenith of casual dating and before you step into the world of engagement, in between there lies- the promise ring, a soft declaration in front of the world that you’ve lost your heart to someone and are encompassed with their bountiful love.

This lovely tradition of gifting promise rings has been taking place in the world since ancient times. For instance, the Roman Brides also wore promise rings that signified a promise of marriage for them. Later, with the fleeting centuries, these rings also named as ‘Posy Rings’ of 16th century England enhanced the magnanimity of these rings. Walking straight out of such iconic history, the diamond promise rings are catching eyes in present times too. So, along with your words as a promise of togetherness, give a dainty and special mark to it by picking up a remarkable promise ring for your loved one.

What are promise rings?

Promise rings are unique and hold different narratives of love for different couples. For some it might narrate a gentle love for their partner when they are not sure of engagement, for others it might be a gradual movement towards taking things to the next level by hinting the time for engagement and so on. These promise rings are a polite gesture of conveying how much love you carry in your heart for your other better half.

Like a romantic poem, it sits on your beloved’s ring finger and recites your compassion towards them. It epitomizes commitment and admiration. And the meaning attached to such feelings varies from person to person. Therefore, the giver and the wearer must know what a promise ring specifies for them. So, let the band of one such promise rings for couples encompass both of you in a strong bond.

Why are promise rings popular?

The giving and getting of promise rings has been gaining more popularity with every passing day. It is a couples’ thing and their way of making each other and their relationship feel special. With the growing trend of couples celebrating and taking up the commitment, especially the celebrities, the promise rings are directly walking into the bigger picture.

These smaller diamond rings with simple bands shape the ideal look of a diamond promise ring and these features make them look dissimilar to the engagement rings. Imagine putting a dainty, sober and full of love ring in their finger and making them smile ear-to-ear, unable to control their happiness. Yes, that’s what a promise ring does, they flow more love between two souls for the time being and irrespective of the future.

How is pop-culture making these promise rings popular?

The trend of promise rings has come back greatly with the growing transformations in the world of pop-culture. In recent years, in several shows as well as in real life, celebrities have given promise rings to their partners as a token of gratitude and love towards them. This reflection has influenced the promise-ring-gesture even more and proved it as an adorable act of affection.

A glimpse of Ben Affleck’s ring on Jennifer Garner’s finger ever after they split shows how gracious their bond was and how well a promise ring preserves it. Or let’s talk about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, the former Hollywood couple often sparked engagement rumors before their marriage, with the paparazzi highlighting their diamond promise rings on several occasions. Hollywood has shaped the minds of people enormously and left them with an impact of pursuing the same culture.

With the help of the latest trends, the culture of giving such rings has become widespread. Even the big personalities are embracing these promise rings, so what are you waiting for?

Elmas and its Promise Rings

Whatever you say, getting a promise ring is an exceptional feeling and if you are looking, which you should be, to pick one for your special someone, Elmas has got you covered! For your narrative of love, Elmas presents five promise rings for couples to you:

1. 18KY Autumn Leaf Diamond Ring

A promise ring that represents nature along with the sparkle of a Round Diamond is all you need to preserve the shine of your natural love. Just like the autumn leaves in the ring, which falls but regrows again, this promise ring will hold your bond together and keep it from all fallings and failings and always gives a space for growth.


2. Dual 18KY Ladies Diamond Ring

Carrying the entwined and knotted design pattern, this Round Diamond promise ring is inspired from the give and take gesture of a human. The more you give, the more you get. So, why not to bring more compassion in your relationship by gifting this adorable ring to your partner!


3.  Moon and Heart 18KY Diamond Ring

For the one to whom you love to the moon and back with all your heart, this diamond promise ring for women is definitely made for your love! It has an eye-pleasing design of the moon and heart along with the twinkling effect of a Round Diamond. Perfect to gift at a night date and fill up their heart with endless emotions.


4. Heart Trio 18KY Ladies Diamond Ring

A promise ring can’t be more special when it holds hearts and also conveys the hearty feelings. This pretty ring has a dainty Round Diamond embedded in the centered heart which makes it a subtle statement for compassion.


5. T&T 18KR Ladies Diamond Ring

With unique craftsmanship, this beautiful and artful can be the one, for your ‘The One’, you are looking for. It has a small, pretty and charming round diamond in the center with a sleek gold band, keeping the best shiny luster of your promise alive.


A promise ring is a pledge of commitment between two people and a dainty mark of how much they cherish their connection. To strengthen your bond with the threads of love, Elmas has got you its delicately crafted promise rings for couples that carries timeless beauty and elegance. Things might fade away, but the shine of our sparkling diamond promise rings will always stay.

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